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You can join us on Sundays at 8.30am & 10.30am at the Palace Barracks Cinemas, 61 Petrie Terrace or 5.30pm at 10 Quay Street in Brisbane City.

The 10.30am service will also be live streamed on Facebook, YouTube or at for those unable to attend.

Located in the heart of Brisbane, the Palace Barracks is home to our morning services and is accessible from all directions with plenty of parking downstairs. See the team at our Welcome Desk or the staff at the box office to get your ticket validated for up to 3 hours of free parking.

Located just across from the Palace Barracks, 10 Quay Street is home to our evening service. It is accessible from all directions, and there is plenty of parking on the street, at the Barracks (2 hours free), and in a couple of nearby parking lots.

Our Sunday services are a great opportunity to gather together to know Jesus and make Jesus known through song, prayer and preaching from the Bible. We gather as people of all sorts of backgrounds—churched and unchurched, white-collar and blue-collar, young and old—to hear the best news in the world, that Jesus has lived, died, and risen for us.


During the week, we scatter throughout Brisbane in smaller Gospel Communities to share life, give and receive love, and grow in maturity together.

Our Gospel Communities are all across Brisbane, so there’s sure to be one near you. If not, we are continually raising up new leaders and starting new Gospel Communities, so one is not far away. We bring together people across ages and life-stages so we better experience the diversity of God’s people.

At our Gospel Communities, we dive into the passage of the Bible that we looked at on Sunday. We also share meals together, connect on a deeper level, pray for each other, and support one another in reaching out faithfully for Jesus to our wider world.


We are passionate about seeing the next generation know Jesus and make Jesus known. Jesus said, “let the little children come to me” and so invited children to know him and walk with him. We want to help the children of our church know Jesus, and we do that on Sundays by teaching them deep truth from the Bible in fun and friendly ways. Our kids learn about Jesus, are challenged to live in light of him, and are equipped to tell their friends about him.

If you’re new to City Kids, please come a little early to check-in your children before the service starts and to meet some of the team. Check-in takes place on Level 2 near the entrance to Cinema 3. Our primary-aged program (Prep-Year 5) takes place in Cinema 4, our pre-school program (2 - 4+ years) takes place in Cinema 3, and our creche (10 months-2 years) is located in Cinema 2, which is right next door to our main Cinema.

Our City Kids and Creche programs take place only during the 8:30am service.


We want to support and serve our young people as they seek to know Jesus and make Jesus known through the challenges and opportunities of youth.

City Youth takes place on a Sunday morning during our 8:30am service. It’s for youth in Grades 6 and above. Check-in for this program takes place on Level 2 in the general foyer.

City Youth also meets every Friday night of the school term. These nights include lots of fun, along with relevant and impactful teaching and study of the Bible. We also have social nights that help our young people find real community and meet the real Jesus.

For more information about City Youth, please send us an email below.


We want to support you in your Christian faith, and so training is integral to our mission. We offer a variety of training events and courses which can encourage and equip you in growing your faith. These include Introducing Jesus - our Christianity course, women’s events, men’s events, and a Marriage Preparation course. Our goal is to disciple and equip everyone at City on a Hill to know Jesus and make Jesus known.


Prayer is fundamental to the Christian life, and so we want to provide regular opportunities for people to speak with their Creator. To this end, we gather on Zoom for prayer at 6.30am every Tuesday and Thursday morning. If you would like to pray with someone, please contact us via email or via our online connect form. We also have quarterly ‘Prayer and Praise’ events. Keep an eye out for them on our upcoming events.


The best place to care and be cared for pastorally is in a Gospel Community. However, sometimes this is not possible or suitable. A pastoral care team exists to help support and care in such cases. If you would like to speak with one of our pastors, please email us or fill out an online connect form.


Many Rooms is City on a Hill’s mercy ministry - a practical expression of care and support for those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable in our city. It operates across all City on a Hill churches, through our national-based programs: The Living Room and Care Pack Initiative. Find out about how you can get involved and explore your gift of service and mercy through Many Rooms.

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Jesus invites us to be used by him in building his church. Whatever your background or skill set, there is a place for you to contribute by using your gifts to serve.


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God invites us to worship him in all areas of our lives, including the way we spend our money. Your generous giving fuels the health and growth of City on a Hill Brisbane.


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